Rocky Mountain National Park

It’s time to Ride!

Snowmobiling is what I like to say the locals share with the world here in Grand Lake.  As our summer and fall visitors depart from this slice of Heaven at the west 20151105_093242entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the 500 or so year ’round residents begin to watch the skies and impatiently await the first snow. For a month, workers have been setting winter signs, marking trails and preparing for Grand Lake’s second season – Snowmobile Season. Now, powerful snow machines aren’t the only thing to do – there’s Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more to be had in Grand Lake in the winter, but for today – we ride. Continue reading

A Rocky Mountain Evening

Life is so interesting every day.  As we are completing our move to Grand Lake and gettinmooseg ready for the summer season, things are so hectic it’s easy to forget some of the reasons why we have decided to leave the big city for high mountain living.  Well, today we have been reminded.  My mom is in Colorado to celebrate the graduation of my nephew Scott from Western State in Gunnison, CO.   Continue reading

Day 22- N is for New

2012-06-21 14.58.38Do you like change? Do you like to move and look forward to new adventures?  I do, but the older I get the harder this moving thing gets too. In 1993 I packed up my Honda and moved to Colorado, It was a really big deal in my life, I was off to explore the big city. By the end of this month, my husband and I will make another big move, were moving from Denver to Grand Lake full-time. We have lived in a condo part-time for the past several years and now it’s time to be one of 500 full time residents. What’s new and different…the nearest stop light is 20 miles away and so is the grocery store that’s more than one large room in size. (Here in Denver, we could walk to at least six grocery stores). In all their glory, all four seasons happen  in Grand Lake (below zero most of the winter). It’s a sleepy little mountain town until May-October rolls around and tens of thousands of people come to visit the West entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s going to be new and different no doubt, but I’m hoping there’s a Range Rover in my future…that’s just what a Mountain Gal needs. 

Day 21- M is for Rocky Mountain National Park

2013-08-17 15.50.01Day 21- Rocky Mountain National Park. I don’t think it’s hit me yet, but Rocky Mountain National Park is my new back yard.  Up until now when ask where I live, I quickly responded with near Columbine High School and that would give a close idea of where I called home. I now have a new point of reference, the West entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park in Grand Lake, Colorado. It’s actually the theme of this blog, my new life living and working in a small mountain town. Tourism starts Memorial Day and goes non-stop until Labor Day and that’s when The Mountain Gal will go until full swing. I can’t wait to highlight the beauty of the park and all the fun things to do in Grand Lake during the summer. Stay tune, for my Rocky Mountain adventures.