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Day 4-D is for Dog

MaggieDay 4 – D is Dog comes with no surprise for two reasons. One, because a lot of readers come to our stores just to  visit with Maggie and second, I gave it away with yesterdays post. I shared that we have four pets three cats and one dog, and today is Maggie’s day.  Maggie is an eleven year old Shih-tzu that lives for attention, that’s right attention, not food and water, but attention. She is such a love and how can you resist that face. Thank you Maggie for bringing us so much love and joy. 

Happiness is Easter Rubber Ducks and Spring Time

Signs of Spring

I love this time of year, I like to look out the window and see tips of color and clear blue skies. I like spring storms, the smell of rain and the sound of thunder are both welcome changes for the doldrums of winte . I’m not the only one that enjoys the sun and warmer temperatures, LJ and Delilah could sit/nap in the window all day. 

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Fun with photo editing apps

Rocky Mountain National

As a blogger I enjoy taking pictures especially of our beloved Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyday is a new photo opportunity in Colorado, like this morning, Steve and I made coffee and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park before opening Quacker Gift Shop. It’s beautiful, nothing like having a national park all to yourself. I’m always thinking about how to make my outdoor pictures more creative and unique. Answer: play with apps! So here it goings.      Continue reading