Grand Lake Colorado

So…Who is My Mountain Guy?

Corned Beef Recipe

the BEST St Pats Pressure Cooker Corned Beef

Meet Steve Kudron, My Mountain Guy aka newly elected town trustee and head fudge maker at Quacker Gift Shop. Steve (MMG) has many hobbies and interests but one of his favorites is creative cooking. For all of this to make sense I should provide a brief primer as to the cooking and dining preferences of my beloved husband. So here it goes:
1.If 7 plus ingredient are required and savory is an outcome, the kitchen comes alive.
2. If smokin’ is the method of cooking…oh my, look out!
3. And heat (like fiery hot), just ask him about his newest creation Ghost In The Darkness Fudge (Yes, it’s dark chocolate ghost chili fudge topped with coconut for a hint of sweetness). Continue reading

City Shoes

2014-05-12 20.21.14I love high heels, I like to buy them, collect them and wear them, but now I’m questioning the future of my heel collection. Not only are they unfashionable but fairly dysfunctional in a mountain town, in the summer it’s about hiking, biking and water sport, and the winter, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and just staying warm and dry. I just don’t know where 4″ inch heels fits here? Any ideas on how to make hiking boots sexy? 

Day 22- N is for New

2012-06-21 14.58.38Do you like change? Do you like to move and look forward to new adventures?  I do, but the older I get the harder this moving thing gets too. In 1993 I packed up my Honda and moved to Colorado, It was a really big deal in my life, I was off to explore the big city. By the end of this month, my husband and I will make another big move, were moving from Denver to Grand Lake full-time. We have lived in a condo part-time for the past several years and now it’s time to be one of 500 full time residents. What’s new and different…the nearest stop light is 20 miles away and so is the grocery store that’s more than one large room in size. (Here in Denver, we could walk to at least six grocery stores). In all their glory, all four seasons happen  in Grand Lake (below zero most of the winter). It’s a sleepy little mountain town until May-October rolls around and tens of thousands of people come to visit the West entrance of the Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s going to be new and different no doubt, but I’m hoping there’s a Range Rover in my future…that’s just what a Mountain Gal needs. 

Day 21- M is for Rocky Mountain National Park

2013-08-17 15.50.01Day 21- Rocky Mountain National Park. I don’t think it’s hit me yet, but Rocky Mountain National Park is my new back yard.  Up until now when ask where I live, I quickly responded with near Columbine High School and that would give a close idea of where I called home. I now have a new point of reference, the West entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park in Grand Lake, Colorado. It’s actually the theme of this blog, my new life living and working in a small mountain town. Tourism starts Memorial Day and goes non-stop until Labor Day and that’s when The Mountain Gal will go until full swing. I can’t wait to highlight the beauty of the park and all the fun things to do in Grand Lake during the summer. Stay tune, for my Rocky Mountain adventures. 

Day 17- O is for Ornithology

northern_flicker_glamourDay 17- This was another tricky day, I couldn’t think of much for O until I looked out the window and saw all the signs for springs flying in the air. The pass few weeks I’ve been posting about all the different birds that call Rocky Mountain  National Park home, each time I see a new bird I insist that I need a bird book so that I can quickly find out more about them. This Northern Flicker Woodpeckers is a common bird in our area.   Continue reading