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Fun with photo editing apps

Rocky Mountain National

As a blogger I enjoy taking pictures especially of our beloved Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyday is a new photo opportunity in Colorado, like this morning, Steve and I made coffee and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park before opening Quacker Gift Shop. It’s beautiful, nothing like having a national park all to yourself. I’m always thinking about how to make my outdoor pictures more creative and unique. Answer: play with apps! So here it goings.     

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My Re-connect box

2014-01-15 18.52.08New idea for 2014, I created a box next to desk for re-connects. For years I have had business cards and notes strung all over my desk, never to find them when I needing them again. So now I have a box, a box for ideas to come back to all in one place. I find it amazing what lands in this “box”, how to ties scarves, display ideas for the stores, Colorado wines…you name it! I figure if I thought it was a great idea once and important enough to save maybe I should take the time to put them in one place. So far so good, I like my re-connect box, if nothing else my desk it cleaner. I love organization ideas that make the creative cluster a little easier. If you have a favorite please share.