Fun with photo editing apps

Rocky Mountain National

As a blogger I enjoy taking pictures especially of our beloved Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyday is a new photo opportunity in Colorado, like this morning, Steve and I made coffee and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park before opening Quacker Gift Shop. It’s beautiful, nothing like having a national park all to yourself. I’m always thinking about how to make my outdoor pictures more creative and unique. Answer: play with apps! So here it goings.      Continue reading

DIY snow sculpture

2014-01-31 12.52.10We followed the advice of Stephen Covey and Began With The End in Mind. We started with a big mound of snow thanks to heavy snow fall all week long. We put on layers of clothes, our best boots, gloves and hats and started shoveling out the vision. Steve had it all planned out, we would outline the tub and the shape it out first. Continue reading

My Re-connect box

2014-01-15 18.52.08New idea for 2014, I created a box next to desk for re-connects. For years I have had business cards and notes strung all over my desk, never to find them when I needing them again. So now I have a box, a box for ideas to come back to all in one place. I find it amazing what lands in this “box”, how to ties scarves, display ideas for the stores, Colorado wines…you name it! I figure if I thought it was a great idea once and important enough to save maybe I should take the time to put them in one place. So far so good, I like my re-connect box, if nothing else my desk it cleaner. I love organization ideas that make the creative cluster a little easier. If you have a favorite please share.