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Mountain Life Musings

Day 17- O is for Ornithology

northern_flicker_glamourDay 17- This was another tricky day, I couldn’t think of much for O until I looked out the window and saw all the signs for springs flying in the air. The pass few weeks I’ve been posting about all the different birds that call Rocky Mountain  National Park home, each time I see a new bird I insist that I need a bird book so that I can quickly find out more about them. This Northern Flicker Woodpeckers is a common bird in our area.  

Mountain Life

B is for Birds in Grand Lake, CO

Day two of  the A-Z challenge and I’m thinking about the best “B” theme for The Mountain Gal. Birds got my vote, and believe it or not we have Pelicans in Colorado. They love Grand Lake, they sit in the middle of lake on big rocks and sun themselves for hours. They definitely go South for the winter, but always come back to the most beautiful place in Colorado.