So…Who is My Mountain Guy?

Corned Beef Recipe

the BEST St Pats Pressure Cooker Corned Beef

Meet Steve Kudron, My Mountain Guy aka newly elected town trustee and head fudge maker at Quacker Gift Shop. Steve (MMG) has many hobbies and interests but one of his favorites is creative cooking. For all of this to make sense I should provide a brief primer as to the cooking and dining preferences of my beloved husband. So here it goes:
1.If 7 plus ingredient are required and savory is an outcome, the kitchen comes alive.
2. If smokin’ is the method of cooking…oh my, look out!
3. And heat (like fiery hot), just ask him about his newest creation Ghost In The Darkness Fudge (Yes, it’s dark chocolate ghost chili fudge topped with coconut for a hint of sweetness).
4. Enjoying an evening on the patio with family and friend makes his culinary creations complete.
A few weeks ago on I posted one his fabulous recipes, worthy of sharing again. He called it The Best Pressure Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage and I would agree. I know it’s a St. Patties favorite, but check it out I think it’s a year around keeper. And with summer right around the corner, I know several friends are looking forward to his smoked cheese and mac and of course smoked jalapeno poppers.
And then there’s fudge…oh, the delicious fudge. From the traditional to the creative My Mountain Guy is getting his recipes ready for summer. The word is watermelon fudge had a successful debut and will return this summer.
As for me and all this wonderful food. Exercise, exercise, exercise! Jogging in RMNP, looking forward to kayaking this summer and a big thank you to Crystal Myers and Total Body Fitness for evening kick boxing and step classes. You’re making the summer wardrobe possible.
There’s always a journey here in Grand Lake and I plan to discover as many as I can. Please follow me at or find me on Facebook: The Mountain Gal-Jennifer Brown for more mountain life adventures.

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