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Marjorie and Me-A Friendly Hike

20160408_114922I’m still relishing in the buzz of the first edition Boardwalk Newspaper! I’m going to take the advice from Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl’s list of 20 things to do in April and spend some much needed time with a friend. Marjorie Cranston is my neighbor on the downtown boardwalk. We see each other most every day, talking about business and planning for the summer season. Getting ready for the summer’s here is a big job in Grand Lake. When Trail Ridge opens (hopefully before Memorial weekend) visitors from all over the world come to see the beauty of our town. That means our shops need to be spit shined and well stocked for the upcoming season. During the month of April, freight from all corners of the globe descend on our little town. As it’s unloaded, the trash bins are filled with empty boxes and the stores are overflowing with treasures that entice our guests to take a little bit of Grand Lake home with them.

All work and no play is no fun, especially when you live and work in such a beautiful place. Even though it’s mud season around here – the sun is warm, the birds are flirting and it’s quiet! It’s such a great time to take a mid-day hike (because that’s next to impossible during the busy summer months). Marjorie and I decided it was would be a good day to hike up to Adams Falls. For more information about this beautiful year-around trail head visit

20160408_154237After our walk I was excited to stop by her store and see the new home décor for summer. Marjorie does such a great a job; I knew I was in for a surprise. If I didn’t have spring fever before, I do now. With all the color and patterns that she has in her store, I want one of each. She also shared her last winter-scape pastel painting of the year; she’s getting ready to create more new spring and summer landscapes of our great outdoors with the changing seasons. If you haven’t stopped in to Jackstraw Gallery at 1040 Grand Ave, you are in for a real treat. If you’ve been before, make sure to stop and see all the new things Marjorie has curated for the season.

Springtime (April in particular) is an interesting time in Grand Lake. The snow is receding and the summer critters are making their return. Even in mud season, there is always something to do. I’m glad I had the chance to explore with my friend Marjorie. Check off another on the list of things to do.
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