It’s time to Ride!

Snowmobiling is what I like to say the locals share with the world here in Grand Lake.  As our summer and fall visitors depart from this slice of Heaven at the west 20151105_093242entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the 500 or so year ’round residents begin to watch the skies and impatiently await the first snow. For a month, workers have been setting winter signs, marking trails and preparing for Grand Lake’s second season – Snowmobile Season. Now, powerful snow machines aren’t the only thing to do – there’s Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more to be had in Grand Lake in the winter, but for today – we ride.

SnowTransformerBoots are on, gloves cover the hands and just keep the temperature down while the forest is blanketed in a field of white powder.  Today it snowed.  We need more days like today.  I have never felt the absolute rush of the powder stinging your face as you depart the trail into an unknown ride in a meadow of snow!  Jennifer got to know what throttle thumb is.  Together, we can experience the majesty of the mountains in our own unique way.  We are determined that this year will start early and end late.  If the shop is closed – you know where we’ll be.

Snow Trails TV came to Grand Lake and has featured our town and trails in a recent segment. The Grand Lake Chamber did a great job getting everything together for the show.Check out the episode – if you haven’t ridden in the Rockies – come to Grand lake – we’ll share our mountain with you!

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