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A Reality of Mountain Life

20160122_160003 (2)From the Oklahoma plains, I came to the hustle and bustle of Denver; then three years ago my husband and I moved to the world of full-time mountain living…Grand Lake living to be more specific. Grand Lake (mountain) living brings many changes to one’s life style: The number of grocery store trips in a week, the opportunity for corporate coffee on every corner and utility of clothing greater than matching shoes and scarves.

The bows, buckles and six inch heels that once adorned my feet quickly turned to a two-foot metal webbed contraption, with large claws on the bottoms and unfashionable straps that ratcheted around my foot so as not to escape. Snowshoes would become a secondary mode of winter transportation and the ultimate source of exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.

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It’s time to Ride!

Snowmobiling is what I like to say the locals share with the world here in Grand Lake.  As our summer and fall visitors depart from this slice of Heaven at the west 20151105_093242entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the 500 or so year ’round residents begin to watch the skies and impatiently await the first snow. For a month, workers have been setting winter signs, marking trails and preparing for Grand Lake’s second season – Snowmobile Season. Now, powerful snow machines aren’t the only thing to do – there’s Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more to be had in Grand Lake in the winter, but for today – we ride.

Mountain Life Musings

Grand Lake wild things

2014-05-27 16.58.31I’ve I mentioned in previous posts I use to spend a lot of time in the car. In fact, most of my meals  were eaten while driving down the highway. But now that we have officially moved to Grand Lake,CO I am proud to say I eat at home at least twice a day and pack a lunch to eat at the store, which by the way is only five walking minutes from the house. This is the view from the front of the store , but last night this was view from deck.