Enjoying Grand Lake

2014-06-17 09.30.25-1The summer tourist season is in full swing, but we still need to have a little fun. Steve and I got away this morning, we rode horses at the Winding River Ranch. We did the first ride of the day so we could open the stores on time. It was a cool Grand Lake morning, but the sun was warming up and just a little breeze. Continue reading

Day 12- K is for Kites

kitesWithout a doubt spring is in the air, everything is in full bloom and the temperatures will be in the 70’s.  Lots of outside fun today, but tomorrow we could get a foot of snow. what can I say, that’s spring time in Colorado. It’s days like today that I want to get outside, play in the park and fly a kite. Growing up in Oklahoma we had fun with kites, the wind seemed to always blow. My husband loves to fly kites, he has trick kites that he keeps in the air for hours, Grand Lake is the perfect place for this relaxing pass time. 


DIY snow sculpture

2014-01-31 12.52.10We followed the advice of Stephen Covey and Began With The End in Mind. We started with a big mound of snow thanks to heavy snow fall all week long. We put on layers of clothes, our best boots, gloves and hats and started shoveling out the vision. Steve had it all planned out, we would outline the tub and the shape it out first. Continue reading

Learn Something New Everyday

2013-12-30 13.52.51Go for a drive outside your favorite path and no telling what you may find. Steve and I had just that experience the other day.Driving around enjoying the crisp cool sun of the country air when we saw one, then two, then three. We slowed down to see what looked like to be several acres of rusted steel. It was in fact steel, some with rust, some with tires and wooden spokes, few with steering wheels and even fewer with all it’s parts together.

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Traditions continue

Family Fun 4


According to Webster’s dictionary traditions are beliefs or behaviors passed down that have significance origins from the past use for “safekeeping” for future generations to learn and pass on.Steve’s family (my mountain guy) has a long standing tradition of making Pierogi’s on Christmas eve. He and his sisters take turns hosting this event, but this year our daughter and her husband got to experience the excitement of flour flying through the air and smell of dough and sauerkraut cooking to perfection in the kitchen. Continue reading