A Rocky Mountain Evening

Life is so interesting every day.  As we are completing our move to Grand Lake and gettinmooseg ready for the summer season, things are so hectic it’s easy to forget some of the reasons why we have decided to leave the big city for high mountain living.  Well, today we have been reminded.  My mom is in Colorado to celebrate the graduation of my nephew Scott from Western State in Gunnison, CO.   Continue reading

Day 11- J is for Jennifer (that’s me)

2013-08-17 15.56.18



On day 11 I almost got stumped, J isn’t an easy letter and I couldn’t think of what would fit the favor of the Mountain Gal. Then the light bulb went on…. Jennifer (me), that will work! I’m going to be the blog post for the day. This is a picture of me in Rocky Mountain National Park, I was trying to get the hang of selfies.  Continue reading

Day 9-I is for Infant

book cover

Day 9- I is for Infant Massage Therapy . Today’s post is family inspired because my beautiful cousin is a newly published author, I am so proud of her. She lives and works in our home state of Oklahoma as an Infant massage therapist. She’s had her practice for six years, it’s  so exciting that she put her knowledge to paper published her first (of many) books. 

We all know how a message makes us feel. Can you image how stimulating that would be to a new-born! Check out this interview and book review with my cuz: Continue reading

Oklahoma History

Oklahoma Cotton farming For more than 100 hundred years my family has farmed the the Oklahoma land. Me, I was born and raised in the city but the farm land has always been close to my heart.Few of my friends think it’s a good life, clean air, good food, quite and peaceful land, but there’s always the other side of things.  The farmers pray for a lot, but too much of anyone thing. Not to much rain, or wind, or hail. They pray for bountiful crops with a good price at market, but please don’t let diesel prices go to high, that could mess up everything! The livestock need hay, water and moderate weather. They like what they do and wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s not the easiest life. 

So to all the small farmers out there. Thank you for the food on this city slickers table.

Love, Jennifer

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Learn Something New Everyday

2013-12-30 13.52.51Go for a drive outside your favorite path and no telling what you may find. Steve and I had just that experience the other day.Driving around enjoying the crisp cool sun of the country air when we saw one, then two, then three. We slowed down to see what looked like to be several acres of rusted steel. It was in fact steel, some with rust, some with tires and wooden spokes, few with steering wheels and even fewer with all it’s parts together.

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