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Day 11- J is for Jennifer (that’s me)

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On day 11 I almost got stumped, J isn’t an easy letter and I couldn’t think of what would fit the favor of the Mountain Gal. Then the light bulb went on…. Jennifer (me), that will work! I’m going to be the blog post for the day. This is a picture of me in Rocky Mountain National Park, I was trying to get the hang of selfies. 

Delish Bodyworks Mountain Life Our Business is GRAND

The Mountain Chalet

The Mountain ChaletI’m almost afraid to write this blog because I may have to confess to myself and my readers that I have to many projects going at once. But now that the truth is out…I love it! I like multi projects to think about and do and multi books to read all at the same time, this way I assure myself I will never get bored. Just to re-cap my big projects in the works, Quacker Gift Shop is an ongoing project, we get new merchandise and rearrange the store all the time and I’ve been blogging about This Old Building Project and the Delish Bodyworks retail store and now I have a new project on the books, a chalet in the pines. We’re remodeling  a mountain chalet on a shoe string budget and needed good ideas on how to create a small space into a modern mountain retreat…first stop IKEA!

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A brief history of the Quacker Gift Shop

403984_10151231708674669_736592407_nI’m a blogger by night and retailer by day. The Mountain Gal (my blog) is my way of letting the world how wonderful Grand Lake Colorado really is. But, the bills keep coming, so yes, I must work for a living. I wear several different hats as most small business owners do, the job is never done but I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing. One of the stores that my husband (the mountain guy) and I own and operate is the The Quacker Gift Shop, and before you start to wonder to much what we do…we sell Rubber Ducks! We have thousands of different ducks in the store as well as on-line We operate like Hallmark (but on a much smaller scale of course), we believe there is a rubber duck for everyone all year long.

Delish Bodyworks Mountain Life

This old Building Part 1(a)

delish bldgThanks everyone for all the interest in my new project, I wanted to share a few more pictures. I hope you  don’t think I’m too crazy.  This is a good starting picture from  last winter, our friends at the Mountain Mongrels out grew this property and moved down the street. From here you can see all the landscaping we need to do, first thing is to build a path to the project building.  

Delish Bodyworks Mountain Life the Shops of Grand Lake

This old building- Part 1 of many…

This old buildingYou have all heard of the show This Old House. This is my version, This Old Building. There are three buildings on this property, the first one is fairly new with a big deck (when there is no snow), the second building was built at the turn in century and the third (to the left) was built over a hundred years ago as well.  This will be my project for the next six months as it turn into the retail and manufacturing for Delish Bodyworks, my bath and body company. Please follow my blog and facebook to watch the transformation of this historic property in Grand Lake. Stay tune…this is going to be fun (I think).