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So…Who is My Mountain Guy?

Meet Steve Kudron, My Mountain Guy aka newly elected town trustee and head fudge maker at Quacker Gift Shop. Steve (MMG) has many hobbies and interests but one of his favorites is creative cooking. For all of this to make sense I should provide a brief primer as to the cooking and dining preferences of […]

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Marjorie and Me-A Friendly Hike

I’m still relishing in the buzz of the first edition Boardwalk Newspaper! I’m going to take the advice from Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl’s list of 20 things to do in April and spend some much needed time with a friend. Marjorie Cranston is my neighbor on the downtown boardwalk. We see each other most every […]

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A Reality of Mountain Life

From the Oklahoma plains, I came to the hustle and bustle of Denver; then three years ago my husband and I moved to the world of full-time mountain living…Grand Lake living to be more specific. Grand Lake (mountain) living brings many changes to one’s life style: The number of grocery store trips in a week, […]

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Let the training begin!

I firmly believe goals are a good thing. That means big goals are a really good thing, right? My 2016 goal is to run a 5k race. Some of you are probably thinking 5k…no big deal, think bigger like a half marathon or hike a 14’er.

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Enjoying Grand Lake

The summer tourist season is in full swing, but we still need to have a little fun. Steve and I got away this morning, we rode horses at the Winding River Ranch. We did the first ride of the day so we could open the stores on time. It was a cool Grand Lake morning, but […]