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Hello I’m Jennifer Brown, welcome to The Mountain Gal! I’m a Denver transplant turned mountain adventurer. Please join my high altitude life.

I’m a proud fourth generation Oklahoman; I was raised in city but always admired my hard working wheat farming family.

I’m an only child that aspired to be an entrepreneur at an early age. I was about 5 years old when I sat in front of my grandmother’s dry cleaner selling the fresh vegetables from the garden. It was my own little farmers market…I think I could have pioneered  the idea.


I have a lifelong love of cats.


This is my Mountain Guy                                                  

2014-02-01 19.51.54

David, me, and JJ

2013-07-27 16.54.48

I hope you enjoy my website, TheMountainGal.com. Here, I write about my transition from a hectic fast paced city life to the easy breathing soul searching times of the Rocky Mountains. Please join me as I explore.

Love ya,


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