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March 2014

Mountain Life

A is for Aspen

Aspen Trees

Today is the first day of April blog challenges. The rules are to follow the alphabet A-Z, so here goes day one with the letter A. I’m going to do my best to stick with my Mountain Gal theme, focusing on mountain living and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Drum roll please…A is for Aspens. Aspen trees are all over Colorado, they are a major contributor to the beautiful landscape here in Colorado. In fact, I have them all around my new mountain chalet (well it’s not new, but a new project for the next ten years or so). I can’t wait to watch the trees change from season to season, their leaf colors are and the hummingbirds love flying in them. 


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The Mountain Chalet

The Mountain ChaletI’m almost afraid to write this blog because I may have to confess to myself and my readers that I have to many projects going at once. But now that the truth is out…I love it! I like multi projects to think about and do and multi books to read all at the same time, this way I assure myself I will never get bored. Just to re-cap my big projects in the works, Quacker Gift Shop is an ongoing project, we get new merchandise and rearrange the store all the time and I’ve been blogging about This Old Building Project and the Delish Bodyworks retail store and now I have a new project on the books, a chalet in the pines. We’re remodeling  a mountain chalet on a shoe string budget and needed good ideas on how to create a small space into a modern mountain retreat…first stop IKEA!