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February 2014


Delish Bodyworks at the Denver Gift Show

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Quacker Gift Shop and how we got started in the rubber duck business. I mentioned that it all started by making a soap in our kitchen and that we put a rubber duck in our soap for something to sell to kids at the weekend markets. I also shared that our little soap company, Delish Bodyworks isn’t so little anymore. In May, Delish will open its first store with a studio and manufacturing on the same property (This Old Building part 1a)  . Sorry you can’t see  all my excitement but  I can’t wait to start painting the walls and setting up shop. 

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Fun with photo editing apps

Rocky Mountain National

As a blogger I enjoy taking pictures especially of our beloved Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyday is a new photo opportunity in Colorado, like this morning, Steve and I made coffee and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park before opening Quacker Gift Shop. It’s beautiful, nothing like having a national park all to yourself. I’m always thinking about how to make my outdoor pictures more creative and unique. Answer: play with apps! So here it goings.     

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Snow Angels

Snow Angles Have you ever made a snow angel? If you have, you know what I’m talkin’ about. If not, you should try it out, it’s invigorating! According to my experience a snow angel is made when you lay flat in the snow, extending your arm and legs, and start to slowly flap like a bird. The more the merrier!  Steve and I made this one, the only requirement…snow. If you need snow, we have enough to share here in Grand Lake. 

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A brief history of the Quacker Gift Shop

403984_10151231708674669_736592407_nI’m a blogger by night and retailer by day. The Mountain Gal (my blog) is my way of letting the world how wonderful Grand Lake Colorado really is. But, the bills keep coming, so yes, I must work for a living. I wear several different hats as most small business owners do, the job is never done but I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing. One of the stores that my husband (the mountain guy) and I own and operate is the The Quacker Gift Shop, and before you start to wonder to much what we do…we sell Rubber Ducks! We have thousands of different ducks in the store as well as on-line We operate like Hallmark (but on a much smaller scale of course), we believe there is a rubber duck for everyone all year long.