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January 2014

Delish Bodyworks Mountain Life

This old Building Part 1(a)

delish bldgThanks everyone for all the interest in my new project, I wanted to share a few more pictures. I hope you  don’t think I’m too crazy.  This is a good starting picture from  last winter, our friends at the Mountain Mongrels out grew this property and moved down the street. From here you can see all the landscaping we need to do, first thing is to build a path to the project building.  

Delish Bodyworks Mountain Life the Shops of Grand Lake

This old building- Part 1 of many…

This old buildingYou have all heard of the show This Old House. This is my version, This Old Building. There are three buildings on this property, the first one is fairly new with a big deck (when there is no snow), the second building was built at the turn in century and the third (to the left) was built over a hundred years ago as well.  This will be my project for the next six months as it turn into the retail and manufacturing for Delish Bodyworks, my bath and body company. Please follow my blog and facebook to watch the transformation of this historic property in Grand Lake. Stay tune…this is going to be fun (I think).




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To stop or not to stop

Winer Park Colorado To stop or not stop was the question of the day. Have you ever had that dilemma ? When you saw the prefect shot and you didn’t stop or you just couldn’t, like on the side on the highway? I had already missed several opportunities on way to Denver. In the valleys near Grand Lake, the horses were standing so peacefully against the new fallen snow (first miss of the day), second miss was the the steam coming off the lakes as the temperatures rose above zero. I was determined not to have a third. I finally stopped, got out of car and got captured some amazing shots. The pictures were taken in Tabernash,Colorado and the mountains to the left are the ski runs at Winter Park. Please enjoy and thanks for sharing my stop.

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My Re-connect box

2014-01-15 18.52.08New idea for 2014, I created a box next to desk for re-connects. For years I have had business cards and notes strung all over my desk, never to find them when I needing them again. So now I have a box, a box for ideas to come back to all in one place. I find it amazing what lands in this “box”, how to ties scarves, display ideas for the stores, Colorado wines…you name it! I figure if I thought it was a great idea once and important enough to save maybe I should take the time to put them in one place. So far so good, I like my re-connect box, if nothing else my desk it cleaner. I love organization ideas that make the creative cluster a little easier. If you have a favorite please share.

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Hey there Delilah…

Hey there Delilah...Remember the song, “Hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City I”m a thousand miles away… don’t you worry about the distance I’m right there if you get lonely give this song another listen, Plain White Y’s 2006. 

Or maybe you’ve read about Delilah in the Bible. Delilah’s betrayal of Samson makes her go down in history as another bad girl of the bible. I have for years loved the name Delilah, my kids are grown and gone, I’m not having any babies, so I named my new fur baby Delilah. She is an eight month tornado, she gets to everything, and doesn’t sleep through the night, but we love her so much. We have two older cats and dog and they don’t just know what to  do with Delilah girl. But stay tune…there will be more about the new kitten that has taken over our lives.