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December 2013

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Traditions continue

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According to Webster’s dictionary traditions are beliefs or behaviors passed down that have significance origins from the past use for “safekeeping” for future generations to learn and pass on.Steve’s family (my mountain guy) has a long standing tradition of making Pierogi’s on Christmas eve. He and his sisters take turns hosting this event, but this year our daughter and her husband got to experience the excitement of flour flying through the air and smell of dough and sauerkraut cooking to perfection in the kitchen.

Rocky Mountain Ramblings

The Road Less Traveled

2013-12-19 09.30.19

As the year draws to an end, we are again making major changes to improve our business and our lives.

Our businesses will all be in Grand Lake.  This is a tourist town with less than 600 full time residents.  Life is going to slow down.Grand Lake Colorado will soon be our new home.

We have spent many days and countless hours making certain this is a good decision.  It is beautiful – it is breathtaking – there is a sense of peace that I have not felt before. It’s also isolated (the nearest full size grocery store is 20 miles away), quiet and a little scary.