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More planning- a 500sqft garden

More planning 
What would we do with an acre of land, a short growing season and large wild animals that 
like to eat living growing plants?
I know…a small fenced in fast growing vegetable garden! 
It would be enough for me to feel a mountain farmer and prepare for the winters that I have yet to experience.  

Just the beginning

It’s exciting but not easy moving into a new lifestyle. For example, the nearest grocery store is 20 miles away (ok, a big one), Fedex doesn’t deliver every day and if the milk run out in the middle of winter I may just have to live with it. To the flip side, we are moving to God’s country, life is slower, the air is cleaner and the natures beauty surrounds us. We’ve been part time in Grand Lake, CO for two years now, our kids are grown and gone and it’s time to move to Grand Lake full time. We have been living (part time) in this building and would like to buy it, we would live on the top level and open a Christmas shop on the bottom. The deck has a million dollar view, it’s right off the lake.

We’ve really been focused on this property, but if it’s not God’s plan…OK…we continue to look for the perfect place. This weekend Steve is looking at a totally different house. What a cutie!!!

                                                        House and big garage on an acre

                                                          Small cabin on property     

                                                                     Living room
I haven’t seen it yet, Steve has walked the property he says it makes him smile. Hopefully he will see inside this weekend, its smaller than our current home….stay tune, we’ll see how it goes.