Let the training begin!

20160311_164635I firmly believe goals are a good thing. That means big goals are a really good thing, right? My 2016 goal is to run a 5k race. Some of you are probably thinking 5k…no big deal, think bigger like a half marathon or hike a 14’er.

I would have to say maybe someday but not this year. Flash back to four years ago, I attended my youngest sons high school graduation in a wheel chair, I was very unhealthy and awaiting back surgery. Not one of best years by far. Now fast forward to the next four years, he’s graduating from college this May and I’m going to show up in great shape!
20160311_164638I’ve been dieting and doing aerobics but today the real training beings…I mapped out a one-mile track in Rocky Mountain National Park. I don’t think I could find a more scenic track .

Here we go!



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