Day 17- O is for Ornithology

northern_flicker_glamourDay 17- This was another tricky day, I couldn’t think of much for O until I looked out the window and saw all the signs for springs flying in the air. The pass few weeks I’ve been posting about all the different birds that call Rocky Mountain  National Park home, each time I see a new bird I insist that I need a bird book so that I can quickly find out more about them. This Northern Flicker Woodpeckers is a common bird in our area.   Continue reading

Day 16- N is for Nature

2013-10-12 10.18.04Day 16 and I’ve made it half way through this A-Z challenge. The letter of the day is N and I’m thinking about nature. According to Webster dictionary nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or “essential qualities, and literally meant “birth”. Within the various uses of the word today, “nature” often refers to geology and wildlife.  Continue reading

Day 15- M is for Moose and More Moose

moose 1Day 15 is M and in Grand Lake, Colorado we live for Moose because our visitors love them! We never get tried of seeing them, it’s always a surprise to them walking down the street, taking a swim in the lake, or better yet having one look in your window on your first cup of morning coffee. Continue reading

Day 14- L is for Lake…Grand Lake that is!

2013-09-27 17.06.23What else for L but Lake, because our world is all about Grand Lake, Colorado. We live and work here, it’s a great place for family visits and the animals around here are amazing. In fact, a moose and her calf walked by our front door, down the board walk, around the deck and napped under the deck. Yes, all this occurred at our mountain chalet (it’s really our new house, well it’s new to us and it’s in the mountains and wow this is really different from Denver).  Continue reading

Day 12- K is for Kites

kitesWithout a doubt spring is in the air, everything is in full bloom and the temperatures will be in the 70′s.  Lots of outside fun today, but tomorrow we could get a foot of snow. what can I say, that’s spring time in Colorado. It’s days like today that I want to get outside, play in the park and fly a kite. Growing up in Oklahoma we had fun with kites, the wind seemed to always blow. My husband loves to fly kites, he has trick kites that he keeps in the air for hours, Grand Lake is the perfect place for this relaxing pass time.